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Milleara Specialist Consulting Rooms

Milleara Specialist Consulting Rooms
Milleara Specialist Consulting Rooms
Milleara Specialist Consulting Rooms
Welcome to
Milleara Specialist Consulting Rooms

Our objective is to continuously 

Support people through their mental health issues

Let us help you to the best of our ability,

to bring you the best opportunity in life

MSCR now has

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

on site!


On 25/03/2019 MSCR started their Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation outpatient service in partnership with TMS Australia.


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a drug-free, safe and effective treatment for depression. It is recommended on the college of Psychiatry guidelines. It is very different from ECT because it doesn’t send electricity to the brain and doesn’t require anaesthesia. Instead it uses targeted magnetic pulses to turn on the positive mood pathways in the brain, which are underactive in depression. It also has very few side effects, so patients don’t need to take time off of work to come in for treatment. Treatment sessions take 60 minutes and patients can drive home or return to work. If your antidepressants are not working, patients may be suitable for TMS as it offers a 38% remission rates and a 57% response rate.


The TMS Australia clinics were founded in 2016 by psychiatrists Professor Paul Fitzgerald – one of the world’s foremost TMS experts – and Dr Ted Cassidy, who both have extensive experience treating depression using TMS. They were motivated to bring outpatient TMS treatment to the forefront of mental healthcare as a safe and effective treatment for depression as it was internationally.


Visit the TMS Australia website for more information:, and ask us whether TMS is right for you.

Milleara Specialist Consulting Rooms -

Continuously supporting people through their mental health issues

Milleara Specialist Consulting Rooms is a fully accredited specialist clinic in Keilor East, Melbourne which provides a comprehensive range of services, diagnoses and treatments for all aspects of mental health issues. View Services.

Our team is currently comprised of 13 health professionals - amongst them are psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, neuro psychologists, mental health nurses and practitioners, occupational therapists and social workers
You can meet them here.

We accept all patient referrals, so please email or fax your referral letter to us and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Fax: 03 9331 0401

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Our health professionals offer a wide range of services to accommodate your needs. Please click on Read More to view all our services

We accept
all patient referrals

Please fax all referrals to our fax number. We will contact you once your referral has been received.

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Our clinic has a number of different health professionals so we can always direct you to the right person, right here at our clinic. Click on Read More to Meet the team.

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